OMOPERC: Out of Many, One People, Earth, Roots, and Culture is a blog about the journey of the many to become one people. Our beginning is of a Jamaican flavor that’s spanning across many continents, sharing,  learning, loving, laughing, and living!

We want to share our perceptions of what we consider to be extraordinary, interesting people, places and things trending in the world today specifically defined in terms of Earth, Roots, and Culture. We want to also share our stories of global travels and stories of travels in our own backyards. We encourage you to share your unique and interesting stories with us.

There are many people on this earth each with unique views, perceptions, and experiences. These experiences keep us humble and grounded while providing us with deep roots in our communities. From our experiences and perceptions, we view each culture with a distinct voice.  Today’s culture is changing rapidly forcing us to grow, and like the ebb and flow of the tide it is moving at a constant pace and merges with other cultures as it grows.  Our hope is as we grow we will learn to come together and out of the many, we will learn to become one.

We hope that you will find our blog insightful, informative, funny and distinctive.

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