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Day 28 -30 Santillana Del Mar to Cobreces and a birthday

An uneventful day with overcast skies and periodic rain. More pavement and I’m in pain. Heelsperricus is now downright ornery and not cooperating at all. Really sharp pain not only in the bottom of my heel but the back as well. Cyborg turtle is no better my usually sunny disposition is wearing thin and I’m searching for the positive . My brain is rejection translations so I think I’m just tired. I’m 52 tomorrow and I just feel empty. I checked into pension Bella Vista and although it’s a nice place it only serves breakfast so I had to walk down a steep hill to the beach only to find both restaurants only serving coffee. The kitchen is Closed . For today? I asked She said no only open weekend. Santana Semana ! Ok so there is no other restaurant? No maybe 2 km away ????. What The He….LL !!???

She took pity on me and asked if I wanted a salad and it was good they also threw together some beef in a wine sauce I was grateful so I should not complain it cost 16 euros. I was hungry and beggars can not be choosers and they old couple were nice … yeah it’s business.

So, earlier I met a young man on my way into town who was asking directions to the cliffs on the beach. I don’t know anything but we sought answers. He is originally from Columbia but lives in Santander and Was out for the day sightseeing. He seem to find the answer from a shop keeper and I left him to it. After I checked inTo the pension I went Down the hill to the only restaurant near by as stated above. So continue the story I was so full from the salad I asked the lady if I could take the beef and French fries to go. I started to limp back up the steep hill and who do I see but the same young man on His way down the hill to the restaurant apparently not the only person either. A spanish couple and a pilgrim also staying at my pension also attempted this … only to find on the cafe open …but not the restaurant. I stopped to speak with Simon … I explain the restaurant was closed. He expressed hunger and disappointment. I told him the nearest restaurant is another 2 km and no guarantee it was open. He was catching the bus home in 2 hrs. I offered him my leftover beef and fries he accepted and we sat on a bench while he ate. Moral to this story the restaurant kindly made me food even when it was closed and I in turn fed another person … enough said! Grateful, Simon offered me a tangerine but I was full and we remarked at the event it self what are the odds of that .. on this very empty road I saw him again he was hungry. I had food given to me and I returned the favor to another person. He took a picture with me to capture the moment still no believing his luck and I said to him believe it or not the Camino always provides what you need when you need it. The miracles may be small but I recognize them so clearly now, We said goodbye he went down to get coffee and I made my way back up the hill, it’s funny but it’s pretty quiet here and somehow it’s ok I’m wanting the silence and on this Camino I don’t mind the limited contact with pilgrims. They seem to be in their own world anyway I suppose just like I am . Honestly I’m a bit tired of the Camino the excitement is waring thin. Maybe it’s just my frustration with the pain but honestly I’m ready to stop just like Forrest Gump.

So I’ve been stopping to smell the roses on this trip and I decided the roses are much sweeter than the official Camino. A Camino non The less but maybe this is just my Camino unofficial . I haven’t been listening and I realized it today.. broken brace, heel spur , headaches and indicision I think I had my answer all along but I refused to accept it

Today was a nice day, the sun was out it was breezy and I walked down along a road to some famous cliffs. I think most pilgrims never see this as it is down below the abbey and to the right of the Camino route. It was beautiful and at first I was alone bu them some Spanish tourist came to see also. Along the way I met a young couple with 2 adorable children who I met the day before. The little boy maybe 4 years old sang happy birthday to me … wow… wow!

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